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Ways To Get Connected

At The Well fgh, we strive to be a church that is committed to the spiritual growth of our members. We offer a range of services and events that are designed to help our members grow in their faith, as well as feel connected to the church body.

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Lifegroups are our smaller groups where we gain, share, and give life. We believe in the importance of community and hope that lifegroups could be a place where long-lasting relationship are developed as you journey in your walk with the Lord. 

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Our desire is to fulfill the great comission by participating in overseas missions. Our heart is to serve the 10/40 window and the unreached people groups with the Gospel Message. Being at The Well there will be many opportunities to particpate in missions to the unreached. 



Officially becoming a member of the church is a great way to get involved and help fullfill the church's vision and goals. We encourage all who call The Well their home church to become members of it.


Bible Study

Bible studies are a great way to learn more about the Lord  and strengthen your relationship with him. We provide bible studies for you to grow and bear fruit in your life.



We believe that church should be fun, so we offer several church retreats throughout the year. We provide a great opportunity to get away, unplug, and recharge your spirit. If you're looking for a church that values both faith and fun, The Well fgh is the perfect place for you.


Life Groups


 These groups provide an opportunity to build meaningful relationships, foster spiritual growth, and build community. We invite you to join us at The Well fgh and connect with our church family.


Our family life group is for young families with young children. It is a place where we share in our struggles with parenthood and marriage relationships as we grow in Christ together. We long to build strong bonds of friendship rooted in Christ as we journey through life together. 

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